In accordance with Federal Trade Commission Disclosure requirements we provide the following information:

PromoGear.com is a trade name registered with the State of Ohio Department of State by Vision Santa Fe Inc, a C corporation, incorporated in the State of Ohio.

We are a distributor of promotional and advertising specialty products which are manufactured, sourced, supplied and/or customized by other companies and firms (suppliers).

We do not maintain product inventories but sell from the inventories of our suppliers.  We have no material relationships with any supplier and choose suppliers based upon product availability, price, delivery options and supplier reputation as reported by the Better Business Bureau, Advertising Specialties Institute and by our experience with the supplier.

The product catalog presented on this website is a composite catalog of all the suppliers from whom we may source products and is provided by Distributor Central, an industry organization which connects distributors and suppliers.  Entries in this catalog are maintained by each represented supplier.   We believe the information presented to be accurate and up to date however as the entries in this catalog are maintained by others we cannot guarantee its accuracy.   Some items shown in the catalog may not be currently available. We will confirm product availability and price before accepting any associated order.  This catalog is hosted on distributorcentral.com, not promogear.com.

We may provide samples of products for customer review.   This is done as a convenience for our customers and does not constitute an endorsement by PromoGear.com of the particular product or product supplier.

We have pledged to donate 10% of our net profits from the sale of promotional products to charity. Such contributions will be made quarterly based upon the previous quarter’s net profits.

Update 11/21/2017